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The Top 10 Benefits of Having Whiter Teeth

May 07, 2018

Getting a professional teeth cleaning can get teeth up to 10 times whiter due to the stronger concentrations of the hydrogen or carbamide peroxide that our dentists use at Dobra Dental in Glendale. Here are the top 10 benefits of having whiter teeth.

You Appear Happier

With your teeth bright white, you will feel more confident and smile more, which makes you appear happier.

You’ll Look Younger

By having your teeth whitened by our dentists at Dobra Dental, People’s attention will focus on your teeth. The attention on your teeth minimizes your wrinkles and helps you to appear younger.

Professional Whitening is Gentler on Teeth

Commercial teeth whitening products, like toothpaste, can contain abrasives that can damage your teeth. Professional products like those our dentists use in Glendale do not, so they don’t harm your teeth.

Whiter Teeth Looks More Professional

When you’re looking for a new job, having whiter teeth can make you appear more professional. Your potential employers will be impressed by your appearance because your teeth will make you look healthier and more attentive to your appearance.

People Will Notice Your Friendliness

Since you’ll feel better about yourself, you’ll feel more confident and smile more. Because you’re showing off your teeth by smiling, people will pay more attention because you seem like a friendly person;

Your Teeth Will Be Healthier

Since our dentists at Dobra Dental will examine your teeth when they undergo whitening, they will notice problems like decay and treat your teeth. In turn, you will have healthier, beautiful teeth that people will notice.

Whitening is Affordable Improvement

When your teeth are whiter, they will look better, and you won’t need to pay for more invasive dental procedures to give them a healthy new look.

People Will Notice You More

A dazzling white smile gets people’s attention, so you may make friends more easily and even draw romantic attention if you’re single in Glendale.

Gives You a Healthy Glow

With whiter teeth, your complexion will be more noticeable, which can give your skin a healthier, youthful glow.

You Will Be Motivated to Take Better Care of Teeth

When your teeth are whiter and look better, you will take better care of them so that they will look whiter for longer.

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