InvisalignⓇ in Glendale

Do you cringe at the thought of wearing braces to correct imperfections in the shape and alignment of your teeth? The smile of your dreams can still be made possible with InvisalignⓇ treatment.

This revolutionary orthodontic treatment effectively straightens your teeth without the use of hideous wires and brackets, but with virtually invisible, crystal clear plastic aligners that are completely customized and removable for the highest level of orthodontic convenience available.

Invisalign in Glendale is accessible right here at Dobra Dental.

About Invisalign and How It Works

Without braces, Invisalign realigns and straightens your teeth with completely custom-fitted clear plastic aligners that you wear for about 20 hours each day. Every set of aligners is meant to last for two weeks, where it will be replaced with the next set in your prescribed series of aligners. Every day and very slightly, your teeth will shift and move into their desired positions until treatment is complete. The entire process takes, on average, about nine to 15 months.

Invisalign vs. Traditional Metal Braces

The Invisalign system is so wildly popular among our orthodontic patients mostly because they are invisible. Your smile is good to go even during treatment, and you do not have to feel embarrassed about unsightly, bulky metal braces, brackets, and wires.

Invisalign aligners are removable and should be taken out for eating and drinking, so no dietary restrictions or considerations ever need to be made.

They are also very easy to care for. To clean your aligners, just remove them and brush them as you would your own teeth. During this time, you can also brush and floss your teeth.

While it is recommended to switch out your aligner trays every two weeks, it is possible to speed up the straightening process by switching out your aligner trays every week instead.

Maintaining Your New, Straight Smile After Invisalign

Your dentist will evaluate the nature of your teeth and your progress with the Invisalign system to determine if maintenance care is necessary. It’s not uncommon for some patients to require some amount of retainer therapy to prevent your teeth from shifting out of place.

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