Emergency Dentistry in Glendale

Dental emergencies can be just as distressing as medical ones. Before panicking and rushing to a dentist, we want you to know what counts as an emergency and what doesn’t. Being able to tell the difference will help calm you down so you can think clearly and not have to experience unnecessary stress. At Dobra Dental in Glendale, we care about your overall wellbeing.

Dental Emergencies

When should you rush to book an appointment with us at Dobra Dental or anywhere else? There aren’t many dental emergencies, but they’re usually easy to identify if you know what you’re doing. A knocked-out tooth, for example, is a dental emergency. Chipped teeth don’t always count as emergencies unless a large chunk of the tooth was lost.

Loose tooth, particularly following trauma, need to be dealt with urgently. Toothaches don’t usually qualify as emergencies, and dealing with them can be delayed. If you’re experiencing sudden intolerable pain, however, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

Regular Dental Conditions

Not every dental issue needs to be dealt with immediately. Most dental conditions can be dealt with within a few days or even weeks. For example, if you notice a hole or cavity in your teeth, that’s not an emergency. We understand at Dobra Dental that cavities are distressing and unusual, especially for those who are experiencing them for the first time, but they’re not emergencies.

Upon noticing a cavity, you can book an appointment with us, and we’ll assess your condition. We might need to get an x-ray of your teeth and jawbone to know how deep the cavity is. Treatment can begin later once we have all the information we need.

Toothaches aren’t emergencies most of the time. Many things can cause toothaches, and most of them are benign and don’t need emergency treatment.

Knowing when to seek emergency care is important. You should never wait if you experience one of the things we mentioned above. We might be able to preserve your natural teeth if you come in early. Give us a call, and we’ll tell you what to do.

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