What Are the Indications That You May Need Dental Implants?

Aug 01, 2020

Tooth loss is a common problem that can affect you anytime throughout your life. You may experience tooth loss from tooth decay, severe gum disease, failed root canal treatments, or accidents damaging your teeth beyond repair, leading to extractions.

The loss of one or several teeth can have a dramatic impact on your oral health if it is not dealt with promptly. Left untreated, the gaps in your smile will not only appear unsightly but can also lead to other problems through a cascade of adverse events you may not be aware of. In such cases, you may wonder whether you can get Glendale emergency dental implants to conceal the visible gaps between your teeth.

What Happens When You lose Teeth to the Conditions Mentioned above?

When you lose one or several teeth, the neighboring teeth to tilt into the vacant space to further instabilize the adjacent teeth. You will notice changes in your bite, indicating misalignment with the teeth. If you believe the issue is not significant and leave the condition untreated, the teeth in the opposing jaw begin to grow upwards or downwards attempted to contact their counterpart that is no longer in place.

The jawbone, where the roots of the missing tooth or teeth existed, no longer receive the stimulation needed when chewing, leading to resorption. The loss of jawbone volume is challenging to replace even with sophisticated bone grafting techniques. Therefore you have limited options before you to replace the missing teeth either with a removable denture, fixed bridges, or dental implants. Which do you think is the best solution for your requirements?

Differences in the Options Available Earlier?

The mainstay for tooth replacements earlier were just two where people could have the affordable partial dentures that provided them a semblance of fake teeth in their mouth or consider fixed bridges that were rather expensive. Fixed bridges also required the adjacent teeth to be filed down before a dental bridge with fake teeth in the middle was bonded on the adjacent teeth. The solution indeed addressed the problem of shifting teeth while providing an aesthetic solution to conceal the gaps in the mouth. However, these solutions were prone to problems and often caused tooth decay over time due to a lack of proper oral hygiene. It also meant the solution had to be replaced in approximately 7 to 10 years needing significant investments in restorations.

Replacing lost teeth with partial or full dentures was another option that was routinely offered by many dental professionals. Dentures, despite being affordable, had a set of problems that made them inconvenient to wear and required refreshments every five years.

Dental Implants Are Better Than Other Solutions

Presently Dobra Dental offers dental implants to people who have lost one or all their teeth as the best solution currently available to support dental crowns or bridges. Dental implants are similar to artificial tooth roots, which are inserted into the jawbone surgically to support one or more fake teeth.

Dental implants Glendale, AZ, no longer relies on the neighboring teeth for supporting a fixed or removable bridge. The crowns or bridges are supported by dental implants when they are screwed onto the titanium post or bonded to ensure they stay in place. Dental implants are beneficial for stimulating the jawbone, ensuring it is preserved and not lost to bone resorption.

In situations where tooth loss was a result of extensive tooth decay needing extraction of the tooth, you can also get Glendale emergency dental implants surgically inserted immediately after the offending tooth is extracted. A temporary crown is also attached quickly to make sure you do not have to display the gaps between your teeth.

The possibility of getting immediate dental implants despite being available may not be suitable for every situation, especially if bone loss has already occurred. In such cases, you may need bone grafts before the implants are inserted, which will require an intensive treatment that is planned by the dental professional treating you. Thankfully dental implants are proving as appropriate tooth replacement solutions that will remain with you for decades when you care for them like your natural teeth. The procedure is undoubtedly intensive and requires multiple visits to the dentist’s office but will give you a set of artificial teeth that appear and feel natural just as your real teeth did.

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