The Popular Teeth Whitening Treatment Is Best Received from Professional Dentists

The Popular Teeth Whitening Treatment Is Best Received from Professional Dentists

May 06, 2021

Teeth whitening treatments are trendy and sought after by many people with discolored teeth to get a brighter and whiter smile. Unfortunately, most people seek treatments available at dirt-cheap prices, failing to realize the treatments’ ineffectiveness or quality can make them contact the emergency dentist near me to treat dental sensitivity.

Prices are not the only reason people seek cheap treatments from many sources, even when the dentist near me provides safe and effective teeth whitening to give people a smile they desire.

People assume teeth whitening and bleaching are similar without realizing both are entirely different. Whitening merely refers to restoring the surface color of the tooth after removing dirt and debris. Simply speaking, it means any toothpaste used for cleaning teeth is a whitener people can use to eliminate discoloration from their teeth.

Whitening treatments delivered by the dentist in Glendale contain bleaching agents to whiten teeth beyond their natural color. Bleaching treatments are only available from qualified dentists who ensure patients’ mouths are adequately protected before the bleaching ingredient is applied to their teeth. Dentists use hydrogen peroxide when providing in-office treatments for bleaching teeth. The concentration of hydrogen peroxide in grade is approximately 33 to 40 percent.

What Kind of Tooth Discoloration Affects People?

Most people are affected by two types of discoloration, either intrinsic or extrinsic.

Intrinsic stains form on the interiors of the teeth resulting from aging, medicines during their developmental years, or excessive ingestion of fluoride. Earlier it was believed intrinsic staining is challenging to clean, but things have changed dramatically, and presently even deep-set stains are removed comfortably by dentists.

Extrinsic staining is discoloration on the surface of the teeth from exposure to pigmented foods and beverages, and tobacco. Routine wear and tear is another reason for extrinsic staining. Improper maintenance of oral hygiene also contributes to teeth discoloration. Extrinsic stains are easily removable with regular brushing and frequent prophylactic cleanings from the Glendale dentist. However, patients with stubborn stains on their teeth must consider teeth whitening treatments if they wish to witness faster results.

How Do Dentists Provide Teeth Whitening Treatments?

Dentists begin the teeth whitening treatment by examining the patient’s teeth and gums, looking for signs of tooth decay or gum disease. If the patient is affected by these conditions, they must initially have the problems treated before they can proceed with teeth whitening.

Many patients have discolored teeth because of improper oral hygiene maintenance, allowing them to develop on their teeth. Dentists are aware of this problem and ensure patients get a prophylactic cleaning before they begin the teeth whitening procedure.

Patients desiring to whiten their teeth have three options available to achieve their goal. They can choose the dentist’s in-office method, at-home teeth whitening trays dispensed by the dentist, and over-the-counter products.

Patients desiring significant changes in their teeth color must consider in-office teeth whitening treatments. The dentist applies highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel to the patient’s teeth after protecting them with a rubber dam. The hydrogen peroxide remains on the patient’s teeth for multiple 15 to 20-minute intervals adding up to an hour. Dentists use ultraviolet light with the hydrogen peroxide gel to activate the ingredients for faster results. Patients with stubborn stains on their teeth are recommended in-office treatments that deliver excellent results, improving the color of the teeth by three to eight shades.

Patients intending to maintain the results of in-office teeth whitening can request the Glendale dentist provide at-home trays with whitening gel. In such cases, the dentist custom creates mouth trays of the patient and provides the same with whitening gel and instructions on the trays’ use. Patients can have the trays on their teeth for about an hour every day to maintain the results of in-office teeth whitening longer.

Is Teeth Whitening Effective?

Teeth whitening by itself isn’t practical unless you make a concerted effort to maintain your teeth’ whiteness. Teeth whitening treatments from dentists are the most affordable than other cosmetic dentistry procedures but can still cost a considerable sum.

Patients must limit or avoid having the foods and beverages responsible for staining their teeth and even prevent smoking if possible. Maintaining excellent oral hygiene and including frequent dental exams and cleanings is also essential to keep their pearly whites looking brighter longer. If patients take care of their teeth, they can expect the results of teeth whitening to remain with them for approximately six months to three years.

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