Teeth Whitening: Frequently Asked Questions

Oct 01, 2020

From old age to smoking habits, several factors cause tooth discoloration. The good news is that it can be reversed. Read on to find out.

Discolored teeth can mess up your self-respect and esteem. Teeth whitening is one treatment option you can use to restore your teeth’s normal appearance. This article explores the commonly asked questions about this procedure.

Who Is Eligible?

Generally speaking, anyone with healthy teeth and gums wanting to have a brighter smile can greatly benefit from this procedure. It has proven effective at removing most types of stains including coffee, tea, tobacco, and tetracycline stains. You should note that professional teeth whitening won’t have an impact on the existing dental work.

Who Is Non-Eligible?

For some people, teeth whitening isn’t recommended. For one, those with restorations on their front teeth may not benefit from this procedure as bleaching materials won’t have any effect on most of these materials. This means that anyone with dental crowns, porcelain veneers, or dental bonding cannot opt for this treatment option.

Whitening treatments may also prove ineffective if you have a ‘dead tooth’ that causes white spots or intrinsic stains. Such stains affect your tooth’s deeper parts and removing them may prove to be a tussle. Also, if you have sensitive teeth, this may not be the treatment for you as it intensifies the sensitivity. The same applies to conditions such as Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD) and bruxism. Chemicals contained in the teeth whitening compounds may worsen your symptoms so it is advisable to talk to your dentist before going for this treatment.

Can Teeth Whitening Treatment Harm My Teeth?

Studies indicate that whitening products with a carbamide peroxide content of 10 percent in no way affect the mineral content or hardness of the enamel. Most dental experts consider teeth whitening a harmless treatment as it causes no permanent damages to the tooth’s enamel.

Will The Effect Last Forever?

No. the whiteness may begin fading away after even one month if you expose your teeth to beverages and foods with a staining effect. Those who stay away from these foods and beverages may wait for up to one year before needing a retouch.

For How Long Will the Procedure Last?

Since the process requires two 15-minute applications, it takes approximately 30 minutes to get a brighter healthier smile. Applications are done in phases for maximum light exposure and gel concentration. The dentist however makes sure the teeth aren’t under light for long to avoid gum irritation.

What Should I Expect at The Dentist’s?

Once you are the dental clinic, the dentist gives you a tray to wear. You will have it on throughout the whole procedure to cover your teeth. This tray contains a special whitening gel. To enhance the gel’s whitening effects, the dentist uses special lighting.

Will It Hurt?

A bit. During or a few days after the treatment, you may experience increased sensitivity and discomfort in your gums. All these are temporary side effects that will disappear shortly. Tell your dentist in case you experience any symptoms so they may advise you on how to best deal with them.

Is There a Way to Prolong the Results?

Yes. Several steps can help retain the whitening results. You should avoid consuming items with staining effects such as tea, coffee, berries, and soda. If you can’t resist the urge, make sure you give your mouth a rinse and brush afterward. Brushing twice daily and flossing together with regular dental cleanings can also help prevent stain buildup.

Why Should I Choose Professional Teeth Whitening?

If there is one major benefit you will reap from seeing a dental professional for teeth whitening, it is speed. Compared to over-the-counter kits with weaker formulas, teeth whitening at the dentist’s uses a more robust formula to give you that bright smile in just a single application. At-home kits take long before results become noticeable.

Finding The Right Dentist Near You

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